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Unlimited Energy Solution Found!

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Your diagram has a diesel engine in it by the way. The result is a device designed to torture the cat by rotating it at a few thousand RPM with a piece of buttered toast strapped to it.

Also it was discovered by NASA that the cat's ability to always land on its feet also applies in a microgravity environment. A cat permitted to float freely in the microgravity environment would always rotate midair such that its feet would contact first regardless of which direction it was moving. The only exception was if the cat was thrown towards a surface- in which case the cat would fail to rotate sufficiently just as what happens if you throw a cat on earth.

Unfortunately the butter would wither away gradually due to hawking radiation. Therefore the energy output is not infinite in this design.

Yeah, that's the only objection that comes to mind.

Well... technically yes, and the cat would eventually die also, but... Any energy production system based on perpetual motion is not really expected to ALWAYS stay in motion, but simply that the energy production be at or over unity.  There would be periods of shutdown for cleaning, repair, lubrication, etc.  Replenishing the butter or replacing the cat would be matters of simple maintenance.

Replenishing the butter or replacing the cat would be matters of simple maintenance.
-Edvard (September 28, 2014, 04:40 PM)
--- End quote ---

Right. Replacing a cat would be a matter of simple maintenance. No worse than giving a cat a pill, I suppose.


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