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File too long for Recycle Bin

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Has anyone run across the problem in Win8.1 that a file won't delete because "file too long for Recycle Bin"
-Cuffy (September 27, 2014, 01:23 PM)
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Strangely...I have deleted NOTHING since buying the laptop like 6 weeks ago so...I don't know...but I'm on Windows 8.1...

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Been doing some checking.......
Those long files aren't in the original "includes" folder. They show up when the htm file and includes folder is moved to a different partition  :huh:

They may be part of the header from the newsletter email msg  :huh:
I tried to copy and paste one of the long file names to give you an idea of what I'm talking about but it won't let me do that either.... they have no file extension either????


 :o that's part of one. :P


This post provided to you by "Unhelpful Replies"
-Stephen66515 (September 27, 2014, 04:25 PM)
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I knew I could count on you Stephen  :D
You had better start deleting or you'll wind up with "The double-ended fire breathing dragon syndrome". The meanest animal in the universe  :-[

The move on boot likely works because it uses the Registry RunOnce or Run key to delete the file before login.  It uses the del command which is command line.

You can create very long file names programmatically.  It's just Explorer that can't handle it.  A console based file manager anyone?  :)

 :huh:It sounds like it can't be done through the shell because Explorer still has a 260 character path length limit.  The best solution may be a file manager without this limitation.

If you haven't run into this Explorer "feature" due to some old embedded code nobody wants to mess with hidden in there somewhere, you can do an experiment.  Make some nested folders until you create a folder with a path exactly 260 characters long.  Now try to make a new folder inside it.  It won't let you.  I forget exactly what happens, if there's an error msg or if it just does nothing as if it is ignoring you.

Command line delete should work with wildcards.  Just wtch out for any spaces in the file path.  A newer file manager is likely the no headache solution.

-MilesAhead (September 27, 2014, 04:09 PM)
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Is this type of information published somewhere  :huh:
I remember Win95 or Win98 had a limit of 292 folders on the Root directory and it took me years to find that  >:(


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