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Help needed recording streaming video.

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That stream is actually not copy-protected.  That would have made it more difficult to capture on a pc.  Capturing a show via internet that you can get on tv is usually not a good idea.  Provided the show is on regular over-the-air television instead of cable, then they might want to consider an inexpensive recorder like the Mediasonic HW-150PVR or its clone iView 3500STBII if they want an alternative to using a VCR.       

If it is becoming difficult to do, perhaps going the method of sticking it in full screen at the start of the show, and using something like Camtasia to literally just record the screen and audio output.

I used this method many many times (Usually to capture Videos to then convert them into GIFs, but I did occasionally convert to .flv or .mp4/.avi files) - Worked perfectly every time.


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