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A different type of game! "Time Machine notes"!


I know this is stretching what we think this tab does, but I think I can squeeze it in!

See this xkcd:
"Future Self"
Transcript (From Explain xkcd)

"    [Cueball is sitting at a laptop, reading code. The two separate parts of code as well as the two comments by Cueball is connected with "speak" lines, with the line from the code going down to the computer screen.]

    # Dear Future Self,
    # You're looking at this file because
    # the parse function finally broke.
    # It's not fixable. You have to rewrite it.
    # Sincerely, Past Self

    Cueball: Dear Past Self, it's kinda creepy how you do that.

    # Also, it's probably at least
    # 2013. Did you ever take
    # that trip to Iceland?

    Cueball: Stop judging me! "

The game:
Who has some useful but longish-term advice they might forget, but want to remember later?
We can write a note to ourselves and use the cute phrasing "Dear Future Self: _________". Maybe date it, and stick it in a folder called "Time Machine".

Then at some much later point we can trade notes on how things all shook out!


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