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Prevent Windows Explorer Window From Opening When Saving File


When I click "Save Image As" and name the image and click "Save", a Windows Explorer window opens showing the folder where the file has been saved . . .
. . . but that's unnecessary >:( because I *always* save ScreenShot Captor files to the same folder . . .
. . . therefore: how can I prevent the Windows Explorer window from opening when I save a file?

Look at the bottom of the "Miscellaneous Tweaks" tab and you will find options to make your wish come true.

Thanks mouser :Thmbsup:

My screenshot needs are below cave-man-before-he-learned-fire.

But I just have to shout how incredible Mouser's detail is.

I half expect an option like "after capturing a recipe, click this box to convert between ounces, grams, teaspoons and tablespoons"!



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