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black screen


Ravin dave:
Hi Folks,
 I am new here, and can't solve this problem:-
I have the game 'MYST End of ages'
When I try to capture a screen (using printscreen with and with out control) all I get is a black square !!
Some how the 'game' seems to detect what I am doing, and will not allow it.
Does anyone know how to over come this please?

Ravin dave:
Ravin dave again - addition.
When I boot up in the morning I can use printscreen to copy a picture from Myst - and it comes up just fine (in paint prog.).
Once I have started 'screenshot captor' I only get a black picture when I use the prog., and I can't get rid of the little screen symbol in the bottom tray.
It goes away on the next boot up, but I can't get rid of it unless I re-boot.

Hi Ravin.

Let me ask you, does Screenshot Captor capture other programs ok when you trigger it in the same way?

The black screen could be caused by 1 of 2 things:

* A security program that is blocking it -- this happens surprisingly frequently and there are threads on it (see here); fix is to add Screenshot Captor to the list of trusted programs or programs allowed to take screenshots.
* An accelerated graphics directx game -- but i don't think Myst falls into this category.
What security program(s) are you running?

Ravin dave:
Hello Mouser,
 Many thanks for your reply to my problem.
I use Avast as my antivirus (free version) As far as I can tell, it doesn't have a section for allowing  'safe' programs.
I can take screen shots just fine on other programs - it's just Myst which is causing the problem - it's Myst, End of Ages - the latest game.(a few years old now)
The only other protection I have is Windows Defender.

I write sci-fi - if you would like a free e-book I will gladly send you one (as attachment - which will open in any word processor), just email me at
[email protected]
If you have any other suggestions, I would be grateful.
Using printscreen, I can only take one shot at a time - and then have to close down the game to access the 'shot'. I need to take multiple shots to string them together in a panorama.
Kind regards, Ravin Dave

@Ravin dave: according to wikipedia, there seems to be a certain in-game function to capture screenshots. perhaps this feature may be interfering with Screenshot Captor?

To recall clues or important items, players can use a camera feature to take screenshots, which are then placed in a journal the player can access at any time.
--- End quote ---



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