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Free Alternative to CopyWhiz (Piky Basket)?

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Try TeraCopy its a freeware, download from here.
-hulkbuster (September 25, 2014, 03:17 AM)
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TeraCopy's homepage is still working. The link is as follows:

Maybe DropIt is what you are looking for? It's open source.

Actually all those software are pretty useless, i h' been there done that.
I don't see any reason to replace the default Windows copy/paste feature.
Works well without third party software.

Piky Basket is a great idea.

1. Unlike simple copy paste tools, you get an always on top basket or the context menu basket.

2. You drop all the items, that you want to manage. e.g. Select all books and folders of books and drop in the basket, which makes a collection of books in basket. You put all songs and softwares in the basket too. put more books, songs etc.

3. You go to the books directory and drop all books from basket in it. Which starts move/paste operation.

Is there any free tool like that?


DropIt moves the files on defined rules, which is not like Piky Basket.

Don't know if the source is reliable, but I downloaded Piky Basket here


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