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Free Alternative to CopyWhiz (Piky Basket)?

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Is there any free alternative to CopyWhiz 4 which was free in 2008 as Piky Basket 2.0. This is a great tool, it allows you to pick and put files/folders in a basket and drop them where you want. It makes its a lot intuitive and easier to manage files.

Is there any free alternative? I searched all the internet but could not find Piky Basket 2.0 (even torrents and other download sites). They all link to original website which is not offering the old free version any more.

Have you tried wayback  ?

Yes, here at Wayback:
It downloads as file: PkySetup.exe, Size: 459Kb
- which seems to install just fine on Win8.1 ...
EDIT: But actually it doesn't - it should integrate into the Explorer Shell menu, but it doesn't.

Looks like could be quite a nifty proggy - darn it! (I would have liked to try it out.)

EDIT: Couldn't find it at Last Freeware version


I am the author of Copywhiz (Piky Basket) -

Piky Basket (older versions) may install correctly on 32 bit Windows (Not tested). But not on 64 bit Windows.

For the feature you are looking for, I am not aware of any free alternative.

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Gautam Jain
(Conceptworld Corporation)

Try TeraCopy its a freeware, download from here.

Edit: Link removed.


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