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Random electronics projects

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Does this look like it?

Yep, that's the exact oscilloscope I am using. It's working out well so far. The controlling software is a bit slow, but once you set everything up it works flawlessly.


Hopefully I'll meet up with an oscilloscope before too long -- may be something simple for starters...

I'm almost exclusively an analog (audio/music) buff, although I have an unopened Arduino starter kit I keep trying to find time/energy to get down with.

My last project was this dynamite little FET audio preamp. I think I've built a dozen or more of these puppies for various music projects and friends. I've also built four of J. Donald Tillman's superb JFET guitar preamp, which inspired the above circuit. (The J201 FET in Tillman's circuit is becoming difficult to obtain so I don't let these preamps out of my sight. All my music cronies love the way they sound. And I wouldn't put it past some of them not to try the old '5-finger discount' move to get one. :eusa_naughty: )

I love simple little electronic projects like these. It's nice to get professional quality at very reasonable prices. And building it yourself just makes it that much sweeter. :Thmbsup:

The SmartScope indeed looks very cool! I would be surprised if you find anything cheaper than that.


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