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Execute only if not running

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I would like to make a bat file to launch several applications, but only if the process is not running

By example :

start "" echo off
start "" /LOW "%programfiles%\FileZilla Server\FileZilla Server Interface.exe"
start "" /LOW "%programfiles%\FaxTalk Communicator\FTMain32.exe"
start "" "%userprofile%\Datos de programa\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\Mostrar escritorio.scf"
start "" /LOW "%programfiles%\Quitometro\Quitometro.exe"
start "" /LOW "Y:\PORTABLES\Personaliza pc\DesktopDot\reddot.exe"

But If Quitometro.exe or reddot.exe are running previously don't launch , by example

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Running to try Miles.
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How can i do for example the process Quitometro.exe

There are several scripts in the link and is difficult for me to understand.
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See the line that pipes from tasklist into the find command and the comment about ErrorLevel.

Basically tasklist gets the running programs and pipes it into find.  If the program title or whatever is not found it is not running.

If it doesn't have to be batch ahk Process command is probably easier.  Like
Process,Exist,notepad.exe ; sets ErrorLevel


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