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Screenshot Captor 4.8.7 beta feature: drop file onto current image to combine

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I've added a new feature to the latest beta of Screenshot Captor (4.8.7), which will let you "combine" images if you drop an image file onto the current image.
The "combine" options are fairly limited at this point -- essentially it will just lay out the dropped image on any side of the existing image, and let you choose how the images are resized.

This is a quick and easy way of combining images horizontally or vertically, and doing so in a visually appealing manner.

Download beta here:

For combination of many images, or for combining images into grids (as opposed to rows or columns) see the excellent standalone free tool "ImageGrid" made by dc member vlastimil:

Video screencast showing the feature in action:

thanks for this feature, mouser! i had been wanting to do this in SC for a some time now. :up:

I like this feature Mouser  :Thmbsup:

However when adding one image to the other, is there any chance you could allow to to add a smaller image at it's current size an existing larger image and say centre it?  Maybe the unused border could be set using transparency.

I have attached a screenshot where I have combined a smaller image onto a larger image and it doesn't look right.


yes, seems logical to add that.

Redownload beta, there is a new option to not resize.


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