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Do we have any musical people on DC?

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OK, now I have absolutely no excuse at all...
This guy has built 14 guitars out of scrap wood, epoxy, and nails or galvanized iron wire for frets (NAILS!), NO power tools OR clamps:

I cringe when I see the guitar body constructed like a losing game of Tetris, but in the end he has a guitar that works, and I am left speechless.
Where there's a will, there's a way...

For the last month I've been going to a Tuesday night jam, which got me authorization from the wife to buy my Ampeg 2x10 a twin brother. A guitarist I've played with each of the 3 times I got up is putting together a band, and asked me to play bass. I've enjoyed playing with him, and he has the seal of approval from my friend Kenny. He knows (or knows about) all the live music in the area, and he's as good a judge of character as I've ever met.

The best part is now that I'm going to these things as a player, my wife suddenly decided she wanted to go with me. I wasn't expecting that to last, since she gets up crazy early in the morning and, frankly, had never shown much interest in checking out local musicians. That changed last night, when I made her wait for 1 more group of musicians to play.

The reason I insisted on staying was the guy who had walked in about 20 minutes before I got up. Hopefully he couldn't hear me any better than I could. He's a hero in the local blues scene named Bob Pace. The kind of guy you find in little markets all over. He's better than all his peers, at the level of the top session guys, but lacking the extra little something that vaults you from top pro to all time great. In fact, I saw him open for Johnny Winter back in 2000, and his band (as headliners) would have been worth the extremely modest ticket price. Then Johnny took the stage, and that was a whole other level of playing.

My wife agreed that Bob's performance was worth the wait, and I think she really paid attention to the music in a way she almost never does. She even suggested we check out the Sunday night jam, hosted by some of the players who show up every Tuesday, starting on Mother's Day. Yes, I do have the world's most awesome wife!

Just wanted to post this in case anyone was interested:

Carbon Fiber Travel Guitars || KLOS Guitars 2.0

10 days left, and 10 are left at $575 right now.  Retail is projected to be $656.

I'd think about backing it if I had the spare funds.  Only downside is that Klos isn't a proven brand, nor company.  So it's still a risk.  Caveat emptor.

@Vurbal - that sounds pretty awesome. And your wife reminds of my own lady a little. Sounds like a keeper.

For anybody who is a builder, I just got a copy of a terrific book by Helmuth Lemmee titled Electric Guitar: Sound Secrets and Technology.

Probably one of the single best no-BS discussions (with wiring schematics in the electronics section) on factors contributing to the sound you hear coming from electric guitars and basses.

Highly recommended.

This is an excerpt from his book so you can check it out and get an idea of the caliber of the information found within.


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