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Do we have any musical people on DC?

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I've heard numerous stories about an old guy - think the stereotypical uneducated blues man - who used to go to open mic nights at the local blues club with a plastic kazoo. He would apparently blow the doors off the place.

^Right up there with the semi-deranged street person in early-70s Cambridge MA that used to play a mean "hand-ocarina" like so:

He'd occasionally show up at club jams, and announce "I'm gonna play my hand tonight." He'd then do his little schtick about "taking it out of its carrying case" (i.e. a glove). However, the concerned "Who is this guy?" looks and giggles soon got replaced by OMG!!!s once he stepped up to the microphone and joined in on a jazz or blues number. He knew them all. And man could he play!

Guy was awesome.

Let's not forget Moondog either. 8)

Would everclear (95% grain alcohol) work in place of denatured alcohol?
-theGleep (December 07, 2014, 04:40 PM)
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Yup! For shellac it does. IMMO it's preferable (far less toxic). Also a good excuse to hit the package store. ;)
-40hz (December 07, 2014, 05:05 PM)
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I actually have a few bottles to help adjust the proof of my vodka for vanilla extract.  I'm looking for the *perfect* extract recipe.  I doubt I'll ever find it :)

Hey guys! I aim at putting a few classy dance mixes together each year. So if you fancy a musical journey/experience full of sparkly, upbeat harmonies and melodies - give this a try!  Most tracks are out of the UK, as Europe in general is pretty good at this genre :)

@ginger - welcome to the thread! :)


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