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Do we have any musical people on DC?

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^^ Crikey, that does seem odd - I don't think I quite understand that. It may be lacking in precise definition. I mean, under what circumstances could it be held to be true (i.e., that style imitation is the legal case)? Presumably under many/most circumstances? That, as an intention, wouldn't seem to make sense.

If so, then I don't know about it being a "devastating" blow, though it would certainly seem as though it could be a crippling blow to musicians that could devastate/monopolise the music industry (perhaps that's an objective?).

It would be a truism to state that most modern music could be (arguably and/or perceptually) said to be innovated from/on top of earlier musical styles, and indeed the same could probably be arguably and/or perceptually said to be true of most/all art and architecture - e.g., pre-Raphaelites, Baroque, rock music, pop music, classical music, choral music, trad jazz, The Beatles music, even tribal music, etc.
Having (say) a ¾ rhythm in a musical score, or building a conventional house with 4 walls and a roof, or making a dress with a low back like a modern fashion-house's style, could all variously be deemed to be imitating/copying a style.
What would be the limits/constraints? Maybe this could even be extended to become a legalisation of cultural copyright? It would stop "cultural appropriation". The English language will have to give back those parts of it that were "borrowed" from other languages. That wouldn't leave much left of the English language. Esperanto would certainly be dead in the water, since it was designed to reflect and be as "inclusive" as possible of many/most other languages. What about Pig Latin and White Russian "code" languages? The mind boggles.

Style imitation/emulation is all around us. It is how any relatively civiliizing culture tends to develop. The Reformation, anyone?
For recent example, in music, look at what I wrote in the preceding post: (my emphasis)
...though I can't help feeling that it seems to be formulaic MTV stuff, too artificially Japanesey-cute, lacking in originality and seemingly borrowing variously from and blending the Spice Girls, Nikki Minage, Pussycat Dolls, Sugababes and others. Not much different to, but probably harmonically nicer-sounding than the majority of the current crop of pop music, I suppose.
-IainB (November 25, 2016, 09:07 AM)
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It could also perhaps rather put the kybosh on rock music being played by one Luna Lee on the 6th century Korean Kayagum stringed instrument.
We'd all be the losers.


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