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Do we have any musical people on DC?

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@40hz: I'm gonna have to add that to my schematic collection.  I've got a strat that I did the Brian May treatment to, and I was REALLY surprised at the variety of tone.  Unfortunately, I used metal toggle switches - the kind that stick up about an inch?  Yeah...knuckle barking every time I get too excited.

So - I've bought the hardware to re-do it with low-profile black switches instead...but I have no idea when I'll get around to redoing it.. :)

-theGleep (November 28, 2014, 06:00 PM)
--- End quote ---

Too bad you already bought everything. Guitar Fetish has BM wiring kits for the Strat that includes a precut pickguard for <$40. (Cutting rectangular holes in a pickguard for slideswitches can be a real PITA unless you have a better tool collection than I do.) I don't know anybody just selling the pickguard.

@TheGleep: Yhanks for the link, I'll definitely check it out. So far, I've wired a strat a la Clapton, Brian  May, and David Gilmour.  I have a collection of wiring schematics for Les Pauls as well, but haven't really messed with them yet, so I'll definitely give it a look. I'm considering a setup for my son's, which he plays so much I need to re-fret soon (stainless this time), so I'm going to revamp all the guts and give him a Jimmy Page model.

The stain won't be a problem. Your main worry lies in the wood type. If it's a genuine Fender, most likely its alder, which can take stain directly, but doesn't have much drama in it's pattern. If you can post a pic, I can take a stab at guessing.

I'm a big fan of Guitar Fetish as well. Their True Coil pickups are in a couple of my builds. The bass I'm building is getting their Redactive EQ-switchable active pickups. This is my first foray into active pickups.
Another quality pickup maker is ToneRider. Great sound can be had without great cost.

Gotta get to church! Enjoy the last day of Thanksgiving weekend!

^You might also want to check out Precision Guitar Kits. They sell finished and unfinished necks, bodies, and complete kits. (No bass components unfortunately) Their quality is superb. Their neck routes are the most precise I've ever seen. And they're very competitively priced.

They also offer single-piece (as in not laminated) T & S style bodies in alder or swamp ash along with some other tonewood choices depending on the body style. Those run at a premium of about $100 over a two-piece body in the same wood. But if you're looking to create something you simply can't get elsewhere, these are the folks you want to do business with. AFAIK, nobody else is offering single piece Fender type bodies but them. They also have Gibson-style bodies - including carved top models. (That double cutaway LP Junior is very tempting!)

Truth is, you won't really save any money scratch building your own from new parts any more. Even if you value your time at two bucks an hour. :mrgreen: But you will be able to build something unique that was done your way.

And for some of us, the journey is as much a reward as the arrival.


Note: IMO Fender's Squire Classic Vibe series sets the absolute standard for just how great a guitar you can buy for a bargain price . For less than half the price of the parts you would need, Squire will sell you a finished instrument that you can build a musical career around. Yes, they're that good! :Thmbsup:

I'd be happy if I could find what I want for relatively cheap, whether it's off the shelf or as a kit. Unfortunately, if you 32-inch scale basses are fairly rare to begin with.  Make it a lefty J-bass witha P-bass nut width and you might as well be looking for Bigfoot hanging out with the Loch Ness Monster.

The sad thing is it's my own damn fault I have this problem to begin with. Although I am technically left handed, I  actually have a high degree of cross dominance. That means I can generally learn things either left or right handed with equal ease. Also, I had already been playing cello for 7 years before I was given a right handed bass.  Being young and foolish - and also a fan of both Paul McCartney and Jimi Hendrix, I chose to have it restrung and play lefty instead. Whenever I'm shopping for a bass I find myself wanting to go back in time and kick my ass for that.

@tjbray: It's an Ibanez ?GSK?

I kept thinking I'd get a picture during the weekend, but never got around to it.

Good to know I'm ok with the stain, thanks!


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