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Let's start with a Twitch link.

He's on a show right now!
(Sunday Mar 35 about 4:45 PM so far)
GM Eric Hansen


Leader is GM Eric Hansen. Rated about 2600 - and that's important, you get that "what level" thing, and he is holding his own as a really solid "zeitgeist" player who does go down to Nakamura or a few people, but he's not a "has been".

and Aman Hambleton just made his Grandmaster title, so you see more "energy", that tends to fade with the prior generation of older commenters. I'm an ancient birdy and I'm just about to work on my game, I cleared a ton of background psyhological presure out of my life.

Then what they ALSO are doing right is they pulled in OG Yasser Seirawan

Retired a while back, spent a couple years doing modern blitz to spruce up a bit, has written some of the better books for intermediate players, and adds "continuity cred" so Eric H is doing a lot of things right.

( risks being a bit second tier because Danny Rensch tries more for comedy and comedy is SO hard to do right and so when he's off his timing his chess gets sloppy too).

Long Live the Chess Thread~

ps. One bold thing is Chessbrahs are not afraid to drift into low R Rated and that's a thing because "most modern news" is so terrified of not being "family friendly" but come on, do we not remember being 16?

So yes, It's okay to just be a bit edgy.

Let's start with a Twitch link.

He's on a show right now!
-TaoPhoenix (March 25, 2018, 03:43 PM)
--- End quote ---

doing live coverage now of the Candidate games :up:


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