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KOApproach is now "open source"


KO Approach was shareware until February now is "open source" !

well I really cannot imagine to use Windows without running this application
actually I paid for the full version but migrating to W7 I found that the validation procedure is not more usable
any way the free limited version is still there >

I contacted the developer Kirill Osipov well he was so kind to give me the link to the source code ...

My bad I really don't know how to use a source code

I hope the good developers here can give me some advice or instructions
or best of all have the time to compile the open source application KOApproach from the source code
(the full version without limitations)

thanks in advance !

Weird.  The LICENSE file on the GitHub site ( says the License is GPL v2, but all his final commits are tagged "Releasing to public domain." 
I hope he soon understands the difference, because PD <> GPL.  :o

Digging through some of the files and configs, it looks like it was set up in Visual Studio 2003, with .NET 3.5 as a requirement.  Beyond that, I'm a bit clueless.  :huh:

The _proj folder contains sln files, so that is probably a good place to start. It might compile with Visual Studio Express.

Thanks for the feedback Edward and Jibz !

well I can say that the KOApproach free limited version is still perfectly working on my XP with .NET Framework 2
and naturally on W7 with .NET 3.5


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