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Moving ICONS within Desktop folders in Windows 7/8


I have just written 2 programs to address following problem:
FileDate_Order (& WinFileSequ) facilitates the ordering of icons in desktop folders on Windows 7/ (and Vista) when the window is set to order by Modification Time (descending).

Windows 7/ does not allow normal re-positioning of icons in a desktop Window, by simply dragging icons from one position to another, - A feature available in every previous version of Windows!.
Since it is MUCH easier to locate icons quickly within large desktop folders, if they are ordered by function and personal preference, I find this utility (containing 2 programs) is extremely useful.

The program can automatically SEQUENCE the Date/Time stamp for each file (icon) in a Window.
The program facilitates icon placement (i.e. moving icons), also offers substitution of link files for sub-directories, and can insert "Space" links for blank positions.

The program can also create "LOG" files (recording files & modification date/times) for each Window to allow fast export. Importing from LOG file will amend file-dates for all icons and reset icon order.

Last update (Drag&Drop to Viewer now implemented) completed 28/09/14
If anyone out there can suggest improvements to function of ahk program, it would be very welcome!

Available for download at:

Modified  on 12/01/15: Both programs should cope with screen resolutions: (Aspect ratio 3 X 4)
1024 X 768, 1152 X 864, 1280 X 1024, with normal dpi (96 dots per inch) or
increased type size: 125% & 150%.

Also available on that site is CLIPSTAC program, much improved and more powerful than original modified Clipstep program. It now combines 2 Clipboard extension Apps, which work well together.
This one works well (so far). It now Auto-configures itself, and includes detailed help file ( & Rt-click hints on buttons etc). Any thoughts would be welcome.
It can also be downloaded from:


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