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3D Printed CAR!

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Your 3D printed handgun (not included) goes in the glove compartment. :P

Your car has over 20,000 parts. Ours has 40.
The Strati: 44 hours of printing. 2 days of assembly.
Full-scale. Fully functional. Can we do it? Hell yeah.
--- End quote ---

Awesome!  Now I can drive my 3D printed car, to my 3D printed Castle to sit on my 3D Printed Chair.


How is it powered? Flintstones-style?  :D

This 3D Printing technology is pretty cool. I'm excited for when it becomes a bit more refined, less prone to totally botching up, and much less expensive.

I am waiting for "3D printed Human".

I want to print a clone of myself, which will have all the features that my boss wants and all the features that my wife wants.



3D printed death star  ;)


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