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Daphne looks interesting



The only thing "weird" so far was due to running it at the end of the DaphnePortable "install."  I quit it from the tray.  After that every time I tried to run it I was told it was already running.  I logged off, then back on.  Ran it directly.. then it seemed to act normally.  I haven't tried out the functions yet.  What intrigued me is it also has some sort of mouse drag kill feature, along with other info and debug stuff that one would expect in a Task Manager.

Some of you have likely used it for years.  But a search only turned up a reference requesting a FARR Plugin.  So I thought it may be worth a mention.

Edit:  I just watched a tutorial video for it.  It also has a window size and position "trap" where windows matching the window title set in the trap will be moved and sized.  For simple stuff there may be no need to run WinSize2.

Hmm, the Portable version seems flaky.  Trying the 64 bit installer.


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