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Looking for desktop calendar software that can sync with Google Calendar

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I used to sync my Google Calendar to MS Outlook on my desktop, for the purpose of backing it up and archiving it, and to have a copy that I could search offline. Unfortunately, Google have discontinued the Google Calendar Sync utility for Outlook, so I lost that option.

My criteria are the following:
- desktop software for Win 7, 64 bit
- can sync automatically, in the background, at regular intervals (at least daily).
- has search function.
- ideally there would be the option to specify which way the sync goes (I'd mainly just want from Google to desktop, not the other way back)
- it's mostly for archive, backup, and search purposes, so I wouldn't be using it as a main interface (doesn't need to be pretty).
-  I could use it occasionally for planning for some one-off projects that I wouldn't want to sync back to Google Calendar.
- Don't need full PIM.

Would be grateful for any suggestions.

Not a desktop software, gSyncit is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that sync Outlook with Google account.

gSyncit does look pretty cool.

Another option worth mentioning is Pimlical.
It's a Java based app. Very capable.
There's an Android version too, though--frustratingly--it don't sync well with the Kindle Fire HD.

It has a feature-rich sync ability for Google Calendar. 
And the proceeds go to a Gorilla Conservation effort.

Vueminder Calendar - - terrific program!

I think EssentialPIM (EPIM) can do what you want, though you might need their Supplementary Apps EPIM Synchronizer.  However, it's a full PIM, so might be more than you want.  At least there's a free version to try.

As I recall it, cranioscopical is a big fan of VueMinder.  You might try searching DC for earlier posts.


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