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How come @Stephen66515 keeps posting here about stuff that gets expunged?

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Thank you for the link IainB.  I pictured the towers coming down as I read.   :(
@Stephen66515  I found all of it very moving.  Maybe you aroused a sleeper-cell .. .
-crabby3 (October 27, 2014, 09:07 AM)
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@crabby3: You are most welcome. This (below) pretty much says it all - and especially the last link, if you've not already seen and listened to it. It rather encapsulates the international empathy and outpouring of sympathy/sorrow. The singer in the last item is Mark Shultz, singing Remember Me. He is apparently a well-known gospel singer. Beautiful song and voice.

...As to music that I like and enjoy singing, it is music that generally could be seen as reflecting something of all that is good about humanity: rhythm, fun, harmony, love, the expression of humour, pathos, happiness, joy, empathy, that speaks of the yearning for freedom from bondage, the yearning for peace and for the ascent of the human spirit, and that shows our ability to climb out - even if only temporarily - of the hideous, irrational religio-political ideological cesspits within which we can sometimes find ourselves imprisoned.
I think sometimes that we do not realise - or maybe we forget - what incredible beings we are and with what amazing potential. For me, music can be an expression - a communication - of this, and a reminder.
Here are two favourite examples - quite different - of such music, from the public domain:
Weird Al Yankovic - Don't Download This Song.mp3
Remember Me.swf
-IainB (September 23, 2014, 05:14 PM)
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For those who might perceive more strongly negative aspects about it, I started a thread in the Basement 911 HATE - hate what you hate or what others like or dislike about it.
-IainB (October 26, 2014, 04:46 PM)
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Strong stuff

I don't truely hate anything.  Mistrust or dislike maybe.  Not hate.

Why get all worked-up about nothing.   :huh:

 ... much cheaper to vent here though... than visit a shrink   ;D


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