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How come @Stephen66515 keeps posting here about stuff that gets expunged?

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How come @Stephen66515 keeps posting here about stuff that gets expunged?
It doesn't look like spam. Some of it looks quite funny/interesting - and some of the responses too.

I think we should be told.

What exactly are you referring to? Can you please give an example?

Oops, sorry, in that case I won't give an example as probably they weren't intended for us to see. I haven't been following too closely, but I think the last one so far was a bit obscure.
It looked like the authors were having some fun, anyways.

stephen is in the chat channel (see link above) all the time. i try to keep his fun levels from getting too high.  ;)

Ah, you mean the posts may have leaked to the forum somehow by mistake, rather than stayed in the Chat tunnel? (Which I looked at just now but can't seem to use at present as I have Java disabled).
"Fun" can be provocatively (I guess) stirring up a hornet's nest?
I gather that Cody and a flying pig (?) seemed to resolve the situation...


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