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problem with win8 right click



in win8, I right click on a button at the taskbar (that represents opened windows) and the resulting context menu, immediately animates and goes to the top of the screen, without leaving visible the 'close' button! and it appears less than it's full size!

this is a major annoyance that existed since I bought the pc with installed win8

any hint?


I attach a screenshot with the problem!

What do you have for Taskbar Button setting in Properties?

I don't think I've seen any report of what you are experiencing.

Edit:  Have you tried moving the Taskbar to the top and sides, then back to the bottom?  If that has no effect all I can think is there is something in the Registry that has the wrong value.

Edit2:  I would also ask here:

I searched but could not find a similar problem.

May be some program running in tray is doing it.

Try safe mode and check.

Try closing programs in tray one by one and check. Also check in task manager for any non-standard program.



If it has been weird out of the box chances are something preloaded was corrupted or there's a bad disk sector.

You could try running this fix

Edit:  Either that or the first time you connected to the internet it downloaded a zillion updates.  Any of which could be causing the side effect.


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