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Looking for new windows media center remote.


I currently have this media center remote. It apparently emulates keyboard keystrokes, because I have a samsung galaxy tab 3 7.0" tablet with the IR port on it. There is an option to control windows media center with the tablet, but I guess my remote isn't compatible with this. Also, for whatever reason, the play, pause, stop, and fastforward/rewind buttons no longer seem to want to work on my remote. (I haven't plugged the receiver into a different computer yet to see if it works on that computer yet). So what I am looking for is a windows media center remote that will let me use my tablet (or my note 4 whenever it is released, and I get it), or maybe something else down the road such as Logitech's Harmony remotes (are they any good?).

I bought a "Microsoft Media Center RC6 iR Remote Control Kit w/Receiver Cable" from ebay, but the seller hasn't shipped it yet. He sent me a message saying that he couldn't find the remote, but asked if I still wanted just the receiver. Would that receiver do the job?

As always, thanks for the help. I love how helpful the DC community has been in answering my many questions. You guys rock!

Edit: I guess I will find out if this microsoft remote will work. The guy found the remote, and is shipping it out in the morning.


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