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One Chance: A game you can only play once


Here's an interesting looking game called One Chance which only allows you to play it once.

One Chance is a game quite unlike any you have ever played online. It is about a scientist who created a pathogen that is inadvertantly wiping out all mankind on Earth. You then have six in-game days to decided how you will spend the rest of your life. Will you stay at the office and do all you can to find a cure? Will you finally step away from the office and spend some time with the family you have been neglecting? Or will the madness and impending doom jusr cause you to lose your mind?

What really sets One Chance apart is that you really only have One Chance to play it. The game picks up on your I.P and unless you have multiple computers with multiple I.P's, you really only do get one chance in One Chance, which is part of what makes it so spectacular.-
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(It actually just stores a cookie, so you can play it again if you clear your cookies or use Incognito/Private browsing mode.)

from Neatorama

Depressing game.

Not just that, but it seems pretty unfair. When I review Ludum Dare games, I look for an "easy-medium" level of difficulty that someone can hope to catch on to in a couple of hours. But I can't get a hold on this one at all, so if there is in fact a solution, it's incredibly tight.


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