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Beta access to RESTola ( Generated and Hosted RESTful API's )


Hello everyone,

I was very excited to find a forum that let you announce your service/product. I was even more excited to find this forum, because I could accounce the product to other developers!

I'm looking to try and get some help with beta testing my service/product. I'm not sure there is technically a name for this field yet, but the closest I can come to is API-as-a-service.

The product was created to make it easy for developers to spend more time on the user experience, business rules, and other portions of the application.

Essentially, the product could be looked at as another cloud based solution for data, but what I'm hoping to do is highlight some key pieces of functionality that is in place to truly separate it from the herd, and be viewed as a truly unique product.

Broadly, you upload a JSON schema to the application, and the application generates a RESTful API based on the contents of the uploaded schema. In addition, the application generates API documentation ( this is still a work in progress ).

The application also has a utility for creating API keys, which have high level ACL privileges.

There are a few different use cases I think this would best fit. An example would be a mobile developer who would like to rapidly deploy an API for their application. Maybe just for the quick turnaround, but also maybe because they didn't want to spend the time investing in learning a new programming language to build the API, and have to deal with the security, scalability, and performance issues that would come with doing something like that for the first time.

I'm accepting beta signups on . I'm hoping to resolve any outstanding bugs the application might have, as well as gather information based on the usage to make appropriate decisions for eventual pricing, terms of use, etc.

Welcome to the site restola -- it looks like a very interesting project!  :up:


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