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What type of development do you do?


Just very curious about what kind of developers we have here at DC.  Would be interesting to see!

I'm not a software developer but on occasion I've managed to develop a damned fine pimple   :P
I'm not a typist either.. :tellme: Two fingered hunt and peck so I have the other eight fingers held in reserve for picking pimples. :P

PC software, 2D graphics, and web development...mostly front end work on static HTML sites and Wordpress related stuff, although I recently added Joomla VirtueMart to my list of skills.  :)

Oh, and I also get paid to write a lot of personalized learning paths, for people wanting to learn web development and design, with a heavy leaning towards trying to turn everyone into a well rounded full stack developer.  :D

Once every couple of years I write something small in C++ just to keep my hand in.  But for the most part I write simple small Windows utilities in ahk or C# for my own use.

I never wrote anything large.  My theory being by the time I finished it the software would be obsolete.  :)


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