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Ideas wanted for celebrating 10th Anniversary of

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Reminder of a few choice tech, headlines from 10 years ago?

I like the idea of a special 10th Anniversary Mug.  :up:

Perhaps it could feature a drawing of Cody with a long beard and walking with a cane, showing his age.  ;D

Reminder of a few choice tech, headlines from 10 years ago?

-cranioscopical (September 10, 2014, 02:03 PM)
--- End quote ---

I guess I could sort that out in the form of a "Tech News" style post?

Maybe something like this for the header:


How about some cool features that DC could add/host:

* E-Mail Provider
* Website Hosting
* Socialization (So things like Facebook Login, Social Media Sharing etc...would get a huge boost in people coming in from those sources)
* Document Hosting (I guess something like Google Docs)
* A new Homepage (It hasn't been updated in forever)
* A complete selection of EVERY piece of Software ever created on/for DonationCoder (A lot of stuff is probably lost on page 382749832 of Coding Snacks lol)


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