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Ideas wanted for celebrating 10th Anniversary of

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March 2015 will represent the 10th Anniversary of

I'd like help coming up with ways to celebrate the anniversary.

I think we should try to think of fun, funny, unusual ideas, that match the spirit of the site.

I don't want ideas that have a flavor of "look how much we've accomplished" or "yay for us" -- I'm thinking more in the spirit of let's have some fun and celebrate the fact that we are still alive.


* People should be able to collect "CodyCoins" for doing certain things on the Forum during those days (just normal forum things like posting, creating a new topic, creating coding snacks etc) and they could be redeemable against either some cool DC stuff from Cafepress or wherever...or redeemable against free license keys for Software (If we can get some to  be given away like that during that time).
* There MUST be a big cool fun countdown timer visible everywhere on the website.
* If it can be arranged, there should be a give-away a day for the 100 days.

One idea that I think would be neat is if we could find a way to get some of the old timers who have meant so much to the site over the years who haven't posted in years to at least come by and make one post and say hello.  I'm thinking of people like Nudone and Skrommel and the like.

Might be helpful to categorize ideas into two kinds, both of which would be suitable for our 10th anniversary:

* Ideas that celebrate and are directed at existing DC members -- this would be more of an insider celebration.
* Ideas that are meant to reach out to new people who are not part of DC.

100 days is too long to do anything.. exhausting just to think about it.
BUT, we could have a 30-day long celebration in March of 2015.


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