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Rollback RX or Acronis ?

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My hope is that someone gives me his opinion under a real environment.
I have the opportunity to use acronis in the portatil when change 500 GB to 1 TB disk.
No problem.
It was almost the first time i use this type of software and don't complain.

Going to read the similar experiences with Rollback

Seems a dangerous field of actions when the knowledge and luck seems go together. Perhaps is better two solutions.....


Perhaps this [] is a better solution...

I am with everyone that is not a tool for beginners. And is not a tool without surprises.

Time Machine from Comodo was retired by buggy.
The tool GoBack from Symantic is retired....
And the rest "perhaps" don't have a good look everywhere.

So we can pay or not by this tool but sure we can use at own risk.

That's what i will do with care....


Perhaps this [] is a better solution...
-Shades (September 06, 2014, 12:36 AM)
--- End quote ---

Thanks Shades. I take the link to try in the future.
Best Regards


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