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Google playing dirty, or being a nice guy?

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I'm sure a lot of people have noticed this, but if you visit a pay site you'll hit the paywall. However, if you hit the site through a Google search, you're good to go. Here's an example:

Search term: Queen ‘horrified’ that Scotland might go it alone


Google redirector:

Now, it's nice to get the whole article, but is this boosting Google when you use a Google redirector link for other people?

Has anyone tried this on other search engines?

Should I have hit a paywall for either of those links?  Because I get the full article regardless which I click.

That was (is?) the case for many sites. The old being one prime example. Via google they leave it open so to be indexed.

I loved experts-exchange, especially after I figured out you could just scroll down to the answer under the 'pay-up' banner.  :Thmbsup:

Now, not so much.  :-\

Via google they leave it open so to be indexed.
-rgdot (September 08, 2014, 11:33 AM)
--- End quote ---

I rather doubt this. Google web crawlers are likely run entirely differently on different IP addresses and wouldn't be sending the same HTTP header information.


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