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Farr not remembering my preference


I figured out that I need to untick the option of "do not add network drive paths to lauch history (they can slow search) under Program Options/Settings/Search Behaviour. I do use networked drives and don't mind waiting a second longer to get the result I am after. This works well but several times now I noticed that the launch history is cut short and only 4 results show. Once I untick this box the results slowly built up again. I can't say for sure that after every reboot of my pc this setting gets lost but it does happen every few days.  Is this a bug? :o

Hi beethoven,

You seem to have found a bug where that setting is not saved.  I will fix.

Thanks Mouser, that's fine - I thought it's me not using Farr correctly.

Fixed; will be in next release uploaded this week.


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