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Hackers vs. gray matter

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Hackers or the ones that use the stolen info seem to lack the basics when using what they have.

i.e. This Postal Notification I got today from FedEx...   ;D

Ever since the Avast Forum was hacked I've been getting some really comical stuff.   :)

Stoic Joker:
Right, because even though the shipping company couldn't find your house...they magically managed to find your Email address ... Not!

Even money says the "label" is a Trojan. :D

Even money says the "label" is a Trojan. :D
-Stoic Joker (September 06, 2014, 10:27 PM)
--- End quote ---

Seems like way too much trouble, making a Trojan email, just to infect someone.   :huh:   Weren't the first viruses sent via email?

Don't most folks have spam/virus filters?  Pretty weak scheme.  I'm disappointed.  ;D

I would have thought that if you click on the "Get Shipment Label" you'd more than likely confirm your email address as a potential spam recipient as well as get taken to a site that possibly adds all kinds of tracking cookies and whatnot.

I've been getting these for months, yet another reason why any email that contains HTML goes straight to the bin.

Hmmm, the one that annoyed me was the old "Your IP Address is" in a forum sig graphic.  Some forums when I complained they didn't even understand why I objected to the guy with the sig having my IP.  It's weird when you have to explain why they should not allow the graphical sig to be hosted on a 3rd party site that isn't one of the known image hosting ones.


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