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LINUX: Remarkable - a very simple previewing Markdown editor for Linux

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Why not Emacs?

(On Windows, there's MarkdownPad 2. Beat that.)

I tried MarkdownPad 2 for a while... I didn't really like it, nor the fact that it was using the .NET on demand type run/install.

There are other alternatives...

MarkPad is like MarkdownPad 2... but I like the UI better.  It's also using the parser that I use for my own project... DownmarkerWPF.

MarkdownMode in Visual studio is pretty awesome.

There's also Texts, which I use for my actual writing... not only live text changes, but you can also edit a markdown file as if RTF.

And last, but definitely not least... there's mdCharm.

It's pretty much the same as Remarkable, but for windows.  That's the good part.  The bad part is that it's no longer maintained.  But the good part is that it's on github.

Oh, and for one last hit... you can configure Sublime Text to do this also.

Some of them were indeed new to me. But I wonder why you like MD inside VS but rant about .net...

Though not quite the same, I just came across something pretty awesome for live preview for windows Qute.  You edit paragraph by paragraph, with the currently edited paragraph being in plain text markdown... and everything else being rendered.  It looks pretty awesome.

Some of them were indeed new to me. But I wonder why you like MD inside VS but rant about .net...
-Tuxman (September 08, 2014, 11:19 AM)
--- End quote ---

Did I rant?  Oh my... you must have read something I didn't write.  I stated a preference.  And it has to do with ClickOnce installation.  Is it not possible to like something without liking all that it offers?


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