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"Delayed Write Failed" — on FIVE computers at a time?

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Was the laptop used (not by you) to connect it to a beamer? And forgot to put the original video configuration back?
Not having real experience with Vista, so I am not sure it automatically readjusts output to the Notebook monitor when it detects the beamer isn't connected anymore.

Check if your BIOS has 'Fast boot' enabled. If so turn that off. Now the hard disk has more time to spin up properly and your BIOS might be able to detect it the first time around.

Unfortunately no. It died overnight, even without being switched off. Nor the POST message is shown now. Just the dead display. External monitor or TeamViewer work fine.

yksyks...what country are you in?

Czech Republic. Cursing someone is quite rare here nowadays. But one never knows.  ;)


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