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"Delayed Write Failed" — on FIVE computers at a time?

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I just can't believe that exactly the same error would appear on seven disks in the span of two or three weeks. I replaced two of them, one is brand new. Exactly the same behavior. All the disks were throughly tortured on another machines. No errors, top performance. This must be something in software, I swear. As for the power, all the machines have UPS, and none of them reported any failures recently.

This was one the first things I verified, despite I'd never use the sleep feature on any device, let alone on WinXP. None of the disks or network cards is set this way. (I even don't use any screen saver.)

Thanks anyway!

I see some similarities here such as smft, but nothing about network cards shutting off

Do you have ATI video and/or LargeSystemCache set to 1?

Edit:  the section of interest is the guy who made google tweaks.

I've already read this article.

ATI video was one of my first culprit tips, as it always causes so many weird problems. But I have it fortunately only on one the computers.

LargeSystemCache is set to 0 on all systems.

I was also thinking about external HD connected using USB, but again, I have it only on one machine, so this is also a dead end. I'm at my wit's end.

Jut for chuckles I would run some task every hour during the otherwise inactive time.  See if it prevents the glitch.  Also I would run chkdsk /f on all disks.  If they come up clean, if you can spare the downtime, run chkdsk /r on one to see what it shows.

Other than that the info is sparse afa OS etc..

Well, thanks for your support. Of course, I've ran chkdsk /f many times. The disks were verified also by DRevitalize. After the crash, some minor errors usually appear, but otherwise the disks are in an excellent shape.

So far I tried disabling the automatic system updates, but to no avail. The machine crashed the same way. So this is out of the game now.

I also tried to replace Bitdefender with a trial version of Malwarebytes, but it crashed again, despite a different way — it performed a reboot. This all takes so much time... I will continue anyway.

Besides, I just realized another similarity in all the involved system: they all use LogMeIn. Bit I suspect this could be a culprit.


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