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"Delayed Write Failed" — on FIVE computers at a time?

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Czech Republic. Cursing someone is quite rare here nowadays. But one never knows.  ;)
-yksyks (September 09, 2014, 10:39 AM)
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It sure sounds like something is attacking the hardware.  If possible I would try an AV with a real time shield that you haven't tried as yet.  Since the machines are networked it stands to reason the virus has spread across the Lan.  Perhaps one of those Linux boot av scan discs will turn up something with a complete scan.

I'm back again, still alive, and my computers, too. It was not a discourtesy, I just wanted to test everything thoroughly before posting, and it all takes so much time...

So, my first step was a workaround: I automatically restart all the computers automatically overnight. This solved a lot of problems, but not all and I'm aware that it is not a solution. However, rebooting Windows machines often proved to be generally a good idea.

Now, I'm almost 100 % sure that the culprit was the Bitdefender Free Edition. I experimented with some other AV solution, and ended-up at AVG Free. To make it short, since I replaced Bitdefender with AVG, the following symptoms never appeared again:

* Delayed write fail error
* Disconnecting USB and network cards
* Occasional blocked access to Scheduled Tasks
* Repeatedly erased cookies
* Random crashes of browser (using Opera 12)
This all now stopped appearing. I left the automatic rebooting in effect, just to be sure. So, I'm not sure I really found the culprit, but I suspect that I did. So far, so good, and thanks to you all for your support.

Thank you for taking the time to report -- it makes some sense that it could have been caused by antivirus.

I note that Shades, in the first reply to your first post, did include in his post these wise words:
"Changing anti-virus software might help as well."
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I myself have experienced Blue Screens of Death caused by an antivirus tool which I otherwise was quite happy with.  I suppose it's always good to be suspicious of these very low-level tools that hook into the underlying file system and intercept all file access..

What a nightmare.  Glad you seem to have gotten it solved.

Well, in fact, besides the OS itself, and TeamViewer, which I consider completely innocent in this regard, the Bitdefender was the only similarity between the machines, which suddenly started to exhibit almost identical symptoms. So it should have been evident from the beginning. I just hesitated too long...

But I can tell you, installing and then properly removing different AV products is a real challenge, especially time-wise. But that would deserve a stand-alone thread.


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