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Anyone have a recommendation for a USB voice recognition headset

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I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to Dragon Premium 13. (I was still using 9.)

Anybody have a recommendation for a decent USB headset primarily intended for voice dictation use? I've heard good things about the MS Life Chat LX-6000 and the Logitech H650e. But I have very little experience with headphones and boom mics outside of pro audio products. And I'm embarrassed to admit I have been using the very cheap mic/headset which had been included with my old copy of Dragon ever since my snazzy old (now obsolete) Logitech USB headset gave up the ghost about a year or so ago. About all I can say for the one Nuance included was that it worked surprisingly well once Dragon got retrained. But it (and me) have both seen better days - so it's time to buy a better headset. Or keep the headset and replace me, whichever is easier.

So - DoCo voice recognition/dictation users...what do you recommend? I'd like to stay below $100 if possible - and wireless isn't a must since I don't tend to pace around when I'm dictating things. Head back with eyes closed - and a fresh cup of Earl Gray in one hand - is more my style.

Sorta like this:


...except wearing clothes and a headset...and holding a mug of tea.


Been using a Plantronics bluetooth earbud headset for last few years ... came with Dragon, but don't recall version - ten (10) or eleven (11), probably.  Works well for me 'cause I tend to wander when talking - seems that moving my legs stimulates by thinking (?) processes.  Near as I can make out, it's either N10887 or BO18482.  Works well, as long as I keep it charged, and I can answer the front door  :-\ and still keep my dictation working  :huh:.

It's a boom earpiece/mike, not a headset.

I also use a very old Plantronics USB headset that I bought for DNS8 or 9 back in 2008. Even though DNS12 said upon upgrade that the headset was not up-to-date, it's been working perfectly, so I'm happy to recommend Plantronics for its quality and longevity.

Sorta like this:

                       (see attachment in previous post)
...except wearing clothes and a headset...and holding a mug of tea.
-40hz (September 04, 2014, 02:30 PM)
--- End quote ---

Phew! I could never dictate anything if I were that stoned! Good on ya!  :Thmbsup:

(Tea is mushroom or leaf?) ;)

though I love logitech for listening and standard talking... for times when clarity is key, the consensus does seem to be plantronics.


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