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What Google (and others) know about you

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If you aren't already paranoid about  just how much information Google and others are collecting about you, this article by Woody Leonhard will probably cure you of your complacency.

I can't take that article seriously.

His first big scary thing is how Google tracks your location if you have an Android phone with location tracking enabled. Well duh! Of course Google tracks your location when you have enabled location tracking.

He then goes on to say that it can even track your location while the phone is off. Oh noes! This does sound very scary indeed, and a major breach of privacy. But this is where he loses all credibility with me. He then defines "off" as meaning the phone is on and ready to receive calls/texts/notifications, but the screen is blank. Does anybody really think their phone is off when the screen is sleeping?

I couldn't even be bothered reading the rest of the article after that.

I couldn't even READ the article...

Also funny how the author bitches about Google...yet is posting on a website absolutely covered in Google Plugins ;)

^did you look at that screenshot before you posted it Stephen :tellme: :D

Not until now, no haha, wow, it's huge lmao


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