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DONE: Please help me find that utility - "Something" To TXT ?

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I have updated Note My File. To not include the extension of the source file, open the Note My File.ini in the install folder and change IncludeExt=T to IncludeExt= .

INI text file is "IncludeExt=1" and no "IncludeExt=T" or "IncludeExt= .
I don't have change it, and works great!

Thanx Chris!
And again, thanx AbteriX!

As always, Chris, nice work.   :Thmbsup:  I'll move this to the Finished section.

Thanks sakiskom glad it works for you. And thanks skwire.  :up:

Hi, guys, I used also FileNote once. However I find a better option the c.gingerich (I believe you name him Cris.) Program, so, Cris... could you add some text that I could set in the same .ini configuration file besides file extention "MyFile.exe" > "MiFile__the_text_I_may_add.txt" could it be possible?
(sorry my English, it's not a native language)
Thanks in advance


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