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Nifflas' Games: Within A Deep Forest (wow!), Knytt (new!), and more (all free)


The unparalleled, amazing, epic "Within A Deep Forest" platform game has been discussed on Forum before (see

Now comes word (thanks Eóin) of a new game, Knytt!

For more info on the other games created by Nifflas:

UnOfficial Nifflas GamePage

Official Nifflas Game Page

[edit: got the name wrong -- was Deep Forest not Dark Forest -- mouser]

I love how Knytt is tied to Within a Dark Forest.  Really cool!

I was getting ready to go to bed last night, and fired up Within a Dark Forest just to check it out.  What was supposed to be a 10-15 minute diversion turned into more than an hour, and then even more time playing his other games.

Finally got my act together and finished Knytt.

It was a bit frustrating at times, but altogether easier than WADF - didn't need that level of precision, although the jumps in Knytt can be bad enough :)

I finally got around to playing these games a bit yesterday when a blog post reminded me I'd downloaded them back in January.  --apparently there's a new Knytt game, Knytt Stories in development, slated for release end of August.  The previews of it are absolutely beaming. Way too much coordination necessary!

I tried playing WADF drunk yesterday--oh did that go badly.  Way too much coordination necessary, time for a sober stab at it :)


I was just hanging out in #Unity3D on Freenode (IRC) and saw NicklasNygren (Nifflas) talking about some things he's done recently in Unity. Here's one of them:

7 Nanocycles
It's a cool, short game. Try it out.


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