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In the laptop i have 4 GB RAM, in the desktop 16 GB and a better processor.
So I have made several bats (obviously I receive assistant in the past for doing such thing !!!! ) . These bats are able to kill processes, open others, and even control services (start or stop some services ).
In this way I have a system more confortable in almost any situation.
But I have a memory problem, remember ?. So I don't know what scripts are running at the present time.
In the past I have used a program able to display a message in the desktop. All we know programs tha put a dot point in the desktop able to execute a task .
And most probably what i am looking for exists a long time ago.
What I need is an interactive message to prevent me about the scenario i am running at this very moment :
1. Minimum of services ?
2. Prepared to make security copies ?
3. Am i obtaining a heavy task at these moments like a copy to an external hard drive and is not convenient begin other processes
4. Am i using that certain combinations of processes that don't admit any other more ?
and so on.....

Technically i suppose must detect if one of my bat is executed in the past or examin some processes to make the warning.

Where the warning ?
1. With letters in the desktop some portion of it ?
2. With a changing icon in the desktop ?
3. Somewhere in the task bar ?
4. Flashing somewhere ?
5. Just a wonderful combination of all above ?

Best Regards

Hi there ^^

I don't really get it, is that a coding snack request?

^I think one of these says what I want:
"yes, this one is especially obscure Contro"

Sí, especialmente oscuros Contro
Sí, especialmente oscuro Contro

sí, sobre todo obscuro Contro


I am searching for software of this type.
Don't find anything until this moment.
But i have an idea !!!!!!!!

As I told you I need a message in the desktop or an icon in the desktop. I am making some bats at the present time and are working well to kill processes or stop services I don't need for a time.

One simple way to obtain a warning is simply create a shortcut in the desktop of a simple image (perhaps an ico file) .

When we execute the bat file create the shortcut in the desktop.
When we execute other bat we may be able to create another shortcut in the desktop.
Or even delete an existing one if you prefer.

So you are right. Perhaps with a code snack is possible.


In other words : Perhaps seems to difficult control any processes and take actions, but more simple to make a bat when you execute actions and leave a message of what you did in the desktop.


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