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Recommend a tablet


My mother in-law has asked me for help in purchasing a tablet for her (screen size of 10" to 12").  She isn't terrible technical (in fact she's dreadful) but what she wants is one that support a physical keyboard and a decent enough front camera.  I am not an Apple fan but the iPad springs to mind as I hear anyone can use them but they seem to be over priced.

I have an ASUS Transformer Prime TF700 but it runs dreadfully slow since one of the Kitkat updates. I resorted to flashing a custom ROM to addressing the issue but it left me with a negative opinion of ASUS.

A Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro could be a contender or possible a Microsoft Surface Pro (I have read another posting on the SP).

Any advice, ideas or suggestions?

(I have read another posting on the SP).
-dluby (October 28, 2014, 08:17 AM)
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That would be me!   ;D
Hmmm...the ipad is too expensive, and she's not technical.  That almost rules out a windows tablet, at least the Pro models.  However...I heard the Surface 2 (not surface PRO 2) is cheap now, maybe around $200 ?  It doesn't run desktop windows, but Windows RT...which is pretty easy to use and does all the basic things.  That might be a good bet.

The Android tablets...I don't know if I'd recommend them.  I only say that because you say she's not technical at all.  Otherwise, the android tablets are the best bang for the buck.  But Android problems are probably the most complicated to solve.

ipad would be the best, but expensive.  Then, Cheap windows tablet.  Third, android.

I'm also not a fan of Apple. But that being said, I do think the iPad and their computers are good for non-technical people or those that just don't want to worry about keeping up with updates, typical virus issues, etc.
It boils down to the main uses. If it is just browsing, email, ebooks etc, it is a good choice. Plus there is the installed word processing, spreadsheet, calendar, contacts,
Case in point, I have a neighbor that recently purchased an Apple desktop pc. He's very happy with it. He's older, though age isn't a factor in who can use a pc. He's been through 2 windows machines over the past 6 years. A big part of that is not keeping it up to date, but he just didn't want to deal with it. He just wants to turn it on and browse, email and games.

Apples are expensive. But I'm told part of that cost is for the after sale support they provide. In my neighbor's case, he purchased at a local Apple store. They sat down with him, went through everything and made sure he was comfortable. And he's called them with questions. You'd have to know him to realize the $$ value of this after sale support.

If there is a local Apple store, have her go and try one. I'm told they will let people "play" with them in the store for quite a while without pressure. Of course others may have different experiences.
If she does decide on an iPad take a look at Apple's refurb store.
Looks like they have different generation units available. Maybe she doesn't need the latest and greatest. And they warranty them.

I've also been hearing things about Chromebooks lately. Not sure if that includes a tablet version. Supposedly an easier to use Android device. Might look at those.

Good luck with your mother-in-law's decision.

I've also been hearing things about Chromebooks lately. Not sure if that includes a tablet version.
-bob99 (October 28, 2014, 10:10 AM)
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Chromebooks were practically invented for non-techie people...

Lenovo N20p Multimode Touchscreen Chromebook (Grey) - (Intel CDC N2830 2.16 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 16 GB SSD, Integrated Graphics, Webcam, Micro HDMI, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Chrome OS) is a laptop/tablet hybrid (OK, a laptop with a touchscreen, rather), and at a resonable price...

See also review here: 3 Reasons To Consider Buying the Lenovo N20P Chromebook

Thanks for all your replies.

It turns out while I was researching the options, yesterday afternoon my mother in-law took my 14 year old daughter to the local electronics store and her advice? I quote "No offence Granny but Apple make iPads for simpletons and that would be great for you". Amazingly they are still talking.

My gut feeling is an iPad will be bought! 


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