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I thought beyond The Basement was my outhouse.  :P

^ C'mon April! We don't put Zen thinkers like you up against the FODI kiddies. (You have to let the kids win every once in a while or they won't play.) ;D ;)

Look how many "good" ideas turned out to be "not very" once we uncovered the hidden agendas behind them and suddenly realized just how ugly and batshit crazy their chief proponents really are. (ref: The Patriot Act, FISA, Libertarianism, etc.)
-40hz (September 01, 2014, 11:17 AM)
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You remind me of this:

large image


My feeling is that one good thing about publicly discussing "dangerous" ideas is it gets them out in the open where you can often see the clear difference between "bad dangerous" and "good dangerous."
-40hz (September 01, 2014, 11:17 AM)
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It all depends on who you ask. Case in point above. ;) (But just to be clear, I'm anti-state.)

Very, very few ideas are universally dangerous.

But even then, a lot of people consider universally dangerous ideas "good", like the state. :P 8)

Risk always needs to be assessed against the potential benefit(s) to be gained. Almost everything worth having comes at a price. The question is how much risk and how high a price you're willing to pay to attempt to gain something. That's where common sense, economic reality, and ethics come in. And those are much harder criteria to apply in a rational manner.
-40hz (September 01, 2014, 11:17 AM)
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Most days I wonder if rationality matters in the least.

I have never seen a decent critique of Immanuel Kant. They all run off to "damed if you do, damned if you don't" situations. Yeah? So? You're damned. Big deal. But Kant has probably the single best theory out there. Here's a very quick summary:

Yet if we were to act ethically rationally, we would all be Kantian in our actions. This isn't the case. Rationality is rare.

Hehehe - Just saw this. Like danger? This idea is very dangerous for statists:

Now, as far as how much faith I have in that right now... well... we'll see (not a lot). But the idea itself is a nova bomb on the state.

HA! More danger! But only to the police state. ;)

Activist apps! 8)

I saw this a while back, but didn't want to post it because it would most likely get sent to the Basement. However, there's a new interview out with the app creator that justifies it being sent upstairs here. But... again... in its own thread might be a bit too much. So, thanks 40! You've given me the opportunity to actually get this out into the daylight! :P

Sidekik - An app to get you a lawyer on your mobile phone immediately if you are confronted by costumed thugs with guns that think they're better than you.

Here's an interview with the creator:

It's currently being crowd funded.


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