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Finding the path of a file on your computer

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Many applications will show you the full path of an opened file with the "File/Properties" menu or similar.  In Word 2010 I get the full path under File/Info.

Use File SaveAs.  It should open the dialog to the same folder.  If you want the entire path in the clipboard select the file then press Shift-richt click and click Copy As Path.  It wraps the entire path in double quotes even if it doesn't contain any spaces though.

At least I think that would work.  I don't use office software.  I just tried it in EditPad Lite7 text editor and it worked as described.

I still like the idea of the original poster's request -- a (tray) utility (or FARR plugin) that showed a menu of the most recently used PATHS, and would open the folder on click.  It's slightly different functionality than being able to open the file itself.

It sounds like it would require a shell hook.  Last time I looked into hooking ShellExecute it didn't seem like it was much fun.  Perhaps if there was an already written library routine out there it could take the sting out of it.  But I don't know of any.

I rarely run across this problem.  As long as I know at least a partial file name, I can simply search using Everything Search, and it tells me the full path.  Everything Search is a marvel. 


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