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Finding the path of a file on your computer

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The utility I need may seem silly, but sometimes I have a file up - say, a Word doc - & I know it's been saved, because is has a title other than Document (#). But I'm not sure where I saved it! I want to be sure I can find it again before I feel I can close it. So I'd like a utility I could run that would tell me the complete path for that file. Please don't laugh - I know it's simplistic...

Also, the way the directories are set up - I'm using Windows 7 - when you open a directory, the full pathname is not always specified. I mean, I want it all the way back to the drive letter!!

I even have a name for my dream program: PathFinder. Not very original, & it's probably already been used. Anyway, I don't know of any similar programs, though some such must exist...

Thank you for anything you can do to help me out. I love DonationCoder - I thoroughly depend on Screenshot Captor, and if not for the fact that I live on SS Disability, I would have donated by now.

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

A tray utility that showed RECENT files and RECENT folders when clicked would solve this and be a nice coding snack..

A tray utility that showed RECENT files and RECENT folders when clicked would solve this and be a nice coding snack..
-mouser (August 30, 2014, 06:00 PM)
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aka FARR from your good self ;-)

I'm pretty sure this works out of the box:
* Launch FARR (Pause button is default)
* type mru to show options related to recent files - I usally use mrua (once the files show, hit pagedown button if you want to see a longer list)
* select relevant entry (with mouse, or use the down arrow) and hit Ctrl+C to copy the filepath

Nice find, but MRU is not built into FARR, it's an excellent plugin written by dc member phitsc:

Yes, what @Tomos says re FarrMostRecentlyUsed. It seems to work OK - at least for Recently Used documents - after installing it. However, I'm not sure it's being updated any more (current version seesm to be v1.0.1 as at 2009-05-14)  and the website  seems to be blank(?).

As for getting a full path name in Windows Explorer in Win7, just go to Windows Explorer Folder Options (settings) and select the View tab and tick "Display the full path in the title bar". I am using xplorer² with Win8.1-64 now, but from memory I think Win7 Windows Explorer shows the full path in the address bar, though I don't recall whether you have to select (tick) that in the Options somewhere. There are quite a lot of options to choose from


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