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I think a few people here will get a few laughs. :)


--- Code: C ---void part3( __global struct triangle *triangles,__global uint *tri_num, __global float4 *c_pos, __global float4 *c_rot, __global uint* depth_buffer, __read_only image2d_t id_buffer,       __read_only image3d_t array, __write_only image2d_t screen, __global uint *nums, __global uint *sizes, __global struct obj_g_descriptor* gobj, __global uint * gnum,       __global uint *lnum, __global struct light *lights, __global uint* light_depth_buffer, __global uint * to_clear, __global uint* fragment_id_buffer, __global float4* cutdown_tris)I'd like to thank firstly myself for being an amazing programmer, and secondly OpenCL for being literally hitler

--- End quote ---

More good stuff there as well. :)


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