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Searching for 'Love' on YouTube


Recently I was following an interesting discussion on a German-language internet forum about YouTube search facilities which can really be lacking once in a while. The thread starter is searching for a video which is simply called 'Love' - well, just 'Love' and nothing else, and that seems to be a problem.

Google/YouTube and every mainstream search engine will not only include titles that exactly match the search term itself, but also every title that contains the search term - which is a shedload for a run-of-the-mill word like 'love' (the aforementioned thread starter gives 'Love hurts' and 'Pain in der Arsch, pocket full of cash - a grand love theme' as examples) - and there is simply no way around it. If you google around for the problem you will learn that Google's idea of 'exact match' in a title is that the search term exactly matches the title or part of the title. No filter is available that limits results to really exact title matches.

I am truly baffled how in this day and age such a glaring omission in search abilities can persist. Anyone here knows a solution?

For your own entertainment and if you happen to speak German, you can read the discussion thread that inspired this topic yourself at Youtube - Exakter Name als Filter oder so.

There is actually a really REALLY annoyingly awkward way of doing this, which will take a lot of time, and patience....I would probably suggest removing all sharp objects from your house first... need to use the "Allintitle" search term

Then you need force the word Love, you do this by the following:

Allintitle: "Love"

Unfortunately...this is where life will get bloody stupid...

You then have to remove other search terms methodically...


The first hit that came up for:  Allintitle: "Love" was a Cheryl Cole video, which we obviously don't we remove that by having

Allintitle: "Love" -Cheryl

See what I did there?  I just forced it to remove that...

Now...another came up that was something containing the word "Family"...nope..we don't want that


Allintitle: "Love" -Cheryl -family

see the method?

Sucks...and you will probably have to remove about 4000 words before you find your video lol...Hope I helped...:D

+1 for using "-" to limit searches. And yes... the lists can get long sometimes.

I had a bit of a dig around the internet and couldn't come up with anything better than I already did...if you can call the one up there "better"....


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