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Did you know DonationCoder has a Facebook Page?

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I actually completely forgot about this until today.  Handy for keeping up on stuff from the Blog whilst you are not here!

It doesn't get updated TOO often, but it will at least give you a brief overview of what it happening on the DC forums, if you spend more time on Facebook than you do on here!!!

Anyhow, the link is below for those who wanna "Like" it or just have a look around on it :)

OH, Did I forget to say?  You can also come chat with us in DC's IRC Channel DIRECTLY from Facebook!

SpoilerFreenode via Facebook, it's so 2014 ;)

DoCo on FB? :huh:

So much wickedness in the world! :P ;D

But the author of the site doesn't visit the official Facebook page :-/


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